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Raw hair vs. Virgin hair: The difference between the two.

Tationia Bowen

Posted on March 01 2020

Raw hair vs. Virgin hair: The difference between the two.

The popularity of human hair extensions is through the roof. There are many options available to consumers as far as price and quality. This article serves to help you understand what is being offered and how to differentiate!


Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is simply hair that has not been chemically processed. Chemical process can include bleaching, dying, color treating, relaxing... Many companies chemically process low quality hair in order to make it temporarily silky and shiny, only for it to tangle and matte a week after installation. Virgin hair at BowDownn Crowns has been steam processed in order to give the bundles uniform curl patterns, such as: body wave, loose wave, deep wave, curly, kinky straight and kinky curly. Steam processing is very gentle on the hair and assures identical curl patterns for a seamless style.


Raw Hair

Raw hair is 100% completely unprocessed human hair. Raw hair does not undergo any steam processing and bundles will vary in color and pattern. Raw hair comes in natural straight, wavy, and sometimes a loose curl. Most raw hair originates in India, however there are also donors in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma. 

Each bundle of raw hair from BowDownn Crowns comes from a single donor.

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